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Stop Workers’ Compensation Fraud in New Hampshire!

| Apr 11, 2023

Attention New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Insurance carriers!

If you have reason to believe insurance fraud is being committed when dealing with New Hampshire workers’ compensation claims, YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO RESTITUTION FOR PAYMENTS MADE TO A FRAUDULENT CLAIMANT!

Under New Hampshire workers’ compensation law, if an insurance carrier reasonably suspects that a claimant has brought a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim or committed fraud in the course of a claim, the carrier must provide all relevant information to the New Hampshire Department of Insurance’s Fraud Unit within 60 days from the date the carrier initially suspects fraud has been committed.

In order to meet this 60-day deadline, we recommend all carriers suspecting fraud report their findings to both their SIU members and defense counsel as soon as possible.

Once a report has been gathered by the carrier, all relevant claim information can be sent to the Fraud Unit using the online Fraud Referral Form found below:

After the referral has been submitted, the Fraud Unit will conduct its own investigation and determine if the claim should be sent to the New Hampshire Attorney’s General Office to prosecute the fraud.

In accordance with RSA 638:20(VI), any person convicted of insurance fraud under a workers’ compensation insurance policy “shall be ordered to pay restitution to its workers’ compensation carrier, as determined by the sentencing court.”

If you have any questions on how to proceed when dealing with suspected fraud, please contact Attorney Richard Florino at [email protected].

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