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We Pursue Third Party Subrogation Opportunities For Clients

In any accident, the chain of liability is often complex, and there are many places where a third party’s actions or equipment may have fundamentally contributed to the accident. In workers’ compensation, every bit of liability distribution works in your favor. We see to that.

At Tentindo, Kendall, Canniff & Keefe, LLP, our attorneys can help you identify, secure and collect judgments against third parties. With many years of experience in insurance defense, we will work to maximize your recovery where there is evidence of another responsible party.

Common Third-Party Workers Compensation Scenarios

Third-party workers’ compensation claims are surprisingly common. They appear in such scenarios as:

  • Malfunctioning equipment: If the tools and equipment your people use malfunction or if there is misuse, there is potential that the fault lies with the equipment manufacturer.
  • Visitors: If a visitor, such as a vendor or customer, causes an injury, that injury is not necessarily your company’s fault. That third party can be held liable for their actions.
  • Premises conditions: If you rent space from another party, the conditions of your building can be a contributing factor to an accident, which would place them as a responsible party.
  • Improper maintenance: If you maintain an external maintenance vendor who does not properly fulfill obligations, any accidents that vendor can be pursued for damages.

Our team has significant skill in pursuing these often complex claims. We are ready to speak with you and your business about the possibility of pursuing compensation for your financial losses.

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