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Rhode Island Mediation Program; 3 States Increase Mileage Rate Reimbursement

| Nov 11, 2022


The Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court has announced changes to their Mediation Program under Administrative Order #2022-05.

To be eligible for mediation:

  • If the matter is NOT currently in litigation, the employer (with the employee’s consent) or the employee (with the employer’s consent) can file a Petition for Mediation and the Chief Judge will decide to whom it will be assigned.
  • If a matter is in litigation, a Petition for Mediation cannot be filed; instead the hearing judge will refer the matter to mediation if the parties request that it be done.
  • There must be no companion case actively pending before the Court (aside from the workers’ compensation case); and
  • A stipulation must be submitted, with the petition for mediation, signed by a representative of the employee and the employer consenting to mediation.

*Mediators will be retired or currently sitting Workers’ Compensation Court judges designated by the Chief Judge of the Workers’ Compensation Court or an attorney appointed by the Chief Judge.

*Any statements made as well as any documents submitted during the mediation process shall be confidential.

*If you have a workers’ compensation matter currently pending in Rhode Island and would like to discuss the possibility of mediation, please feel free to contact one of our attorneys:

Karen Finley…………………[email protected]
Christopher Fiore…………[email protected]
James Hornstein…………[email protected]
Courtney Manchester……[email protected]

Please find Administrative Order # 2022-05 with the forms included concerning the WCC Mediation Program here.

News from
other states:

New Hampshire, Vermont & Connecticut have followed the IRS and increased their reimbursement rates for employees’ travel to $.625 per mile effective July 1, 2022.

Please find some helpful information to assist you:,of%20the%20Workers’%20Compensation%20Act.

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