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Are You Maximizing Your Second Injury Fund (SIF) Recoveries?

| Sep 8, 2022


Do you feel you are maximizing your Second Injury Fund (SIF) recoveries? Are you regularly updated on the status of your SIF claims? Do you know if claims are filed timely, or are properly developed by trained individuals? Do you know if the rates you are charged on these claims are fair? If no, then you should consider Tentindo, Kendall, Canniff and Keefe to handle your SIF claims.

TKCK maintains one of the most knowledgeable and experienced SIF departments in all of New England. This allows us to enjoy greater success and higher recoveries than our competitors. Our petitions are written and developed by attorneys. When you are paying a contingency fee on a claim, don’t you want to be sure that a properly trained attorney is handling every aspect of your recovery? Many other firms use paralegals and legal secretaries to develop their claims in order to cut overhead and increase their profit margins; unfortunately, this just hurts the insurer that isn’t putting forward the best claim possible. We will always have qualified individuals fighting on your behalf to make sure your claim is presented in the most favorable light. As a result, we always present the best, most complete claims possible, resulting in higher recoveries for our clients.

Furthermore, TKCK are experts in all areas of workers’ compensation insurance defense and does not concentrate on only SIF recoveries. A firm specializing in SIF does not have the ability to spot SIF potential early on in an employee’s claim. Their only mechanisms for spotting SIF potential is when a claim settles for a high figure or goes §34A. This doesn’t allow them to help direct activities of the underlying claim to streamline a potential recovery. They also are not able to utilize contact with the employee to obtain information about employer knowledge or prior treatment issues. TKCK is able to use our position when handling an underlying claim to anticipate when there may be SIF recovery. We can obtain information about the employee’s treatment, obtain affidavits regarding employer knowledge, direct the filing of certain claims, and control language in settlement agreements to maximize recovery potential. Our earlier access to claims also allows us to develop our petitions earlier and we can file our petitions sooner than our competitors. According to recent case law, insurers can only recover on payments made within two years of the filing of a petition. Therefore, by being able to develop and file our claims earlier we can ensure that more payments are included to be reimbursed than those of our competitors. It just makes sense to use a firm that has handled a claim from the beginning for an SIF recovery.

Feel free to contact Attorney Ryan Schaiberger with any questions. He can be reached at 617-242-9600 x 268 or by email at [email protected].